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Indianapolis - Urban Landscape

A Photo For Tomorrow

Have you ever wanted to take a picture of a city and wasn't sure where to to capture it from? Don't worry, you are not alone!

So, a friend of mine wanted me to take pictures of downtown Indanapolis. He kept calling it, "city pictures." I was like, "so...what do you want in this urban landscape?" Since he does not have to same level of love for photography as I have, I excused his argument that he wanted, "the city," and not, "the country." I excused it because I did not know whether I should be upset or not. Mixed emotions were swirling throughout my body. I decided instead to educate him. I explained to him that the city is called the, "urban landscape," while the country is called, "rural landscape."

I just totally fabricated that entire story. I needed to draw you in as well as educate you on the difference between, "urban," and "rural," landscapes.

Now, let's get to the story. I went on a hunt for the perfect spot in Downtown Indianapolis to capture a great view of the city. I walked and walked from 6am to 730am. I took some pretty amazing shots from the ground. I can tell they were from a lower position, which can be great at times but it was not what I was searching for. I went into a few parking garages, the phote quality approved, in my opinion. It still was not the photo for the job, in my opinion. I have access to the BMO Plaza, please don't ask how. I tried the second floor lounge, but I found that it did not have a very good view of the city. I traveled to the 20th floor. Once I entered the conference room, I knew that was my view. I captured the photo, pictured above, and was very satisfied with it.

The moral of the story is, in order to capture a full view of some of downtown Indianapolis, you must be on high ground or at a far distance for a unique silhouette. Now, get out there and start snapping!

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