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Exploring Indianapolis: Holliday Park

A Photo For Tomorrow

I moved to Indianapolis in August of 2015. Since then, I have been having a hard time finding locations to shoot. The main reason was due to my busy work schedule but, this is no longer the case.

I decided to rise early on the beautiful Saturday that just past and search for a park. I found a park called Holliday Park. It was located 10 minutes from my apartment this entire time! Boy was I surprised. I used and searched for "parks in indianapolis." I clicked the second link and was sent here.

I decided to visit Holliday Park simply because it was not spelled the traditional way. I know, artists are drawn to weird things.

Holliday Park is a great location for many types of photographic stlyes. They have open fields, playgrounds, woods and small canal. There were parts of the part that I did not get to explore due to the impending sunset. Most of the parks are open from sunrise to sunset, no nightime shoots.

I plan to visit more of these locations and will update the blog often.

Thanks to the model for putting up with my passion! Check out Unmovable Beatz for your musical needs.

Thanks for viewing!

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