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Exploring Indianapolis: The Canal Walk

A Photo For Tomorrow

If you have ever visited Indianapolis, the you know about, "The Canal," running through White River State Park.

A Photo For Tomorrow

As the title suggest, this has become the go to spot for walkers, runners and sightseers. More information can be found here.

There is a lot to do at the Canal and in the surrounding area. There is the Indianapolis Zoo, White River Gardens, the NCAA Hall of Champions, the IMAX Theater and the Indiana State Museum and many more things to do. All these will be future visits.

Back to the Canal Walk. I went around 3pm hoping it would be less runners and i was right. There were mostly families and sightseers with the occasion

A Photo For Tomorrow

al runner. The sun was brilliant in the sky, gleaming on the water perfectly. I am drawn to scenes like this, so I took hundreds of pictures, only later to delete them of course. This can also serve as a romantic spot for you lovers out there.

You can also host your wedding or event here! They also have great apartments along the canal for people who love to be close to the downtown area and have something to do, free of charge.

A Photo For Tomorrow

There is green grass and vegetation in certain spots along the walk, so if you have allergies, beware. For example, I saw this beautiful creation (to the left) and photographed it. I have no idea what it is but there are many of them there.

Overall, the Canal Walk is a beautiful spot for every member of the family. It is also a place to go and gather your mind. There will be many couples there and there is something about the atmosphere that creates a sense of peace. I have done many photoshoots here as well and people are very mindful and well mannered towards photographers. Just be sure you represent the art with you upmost professionalism.

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