• Jerrell Stewart

Focus Stacking Photography

Focus stacking is just like High Dynamic Range (HDR), in a way. For focus stacking, however, photos are taken for different focus points and then merged in Photoshop, or similar programs, to create a picture with more depth-of-field (DOF) than would be possible with a single shot. Landscape and macro photography are two types of photography that most benefit from the process.

A shot was taken from three different focal regions of the flower.

Below is the final shot combined in Adobe Photoshop. Focus stacking is an amazing technique to learn. In doing so, you can both upgrade your knowledge and wow onlookers who will try to mimic the shot, never knowing how you achieved it.

I went to college for photography but the greatest teacher I had was Phlearn on YouTube. Here is a video tutorial, by Phlearn, that will teach you how to focus stack.

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