• Jerrell Stewart

Slice of Heaven

You were my slice of heaven; no other cake could ever compare. I had to have you to myself and I refused to share.

At the very thought of you my stomach growls and my mouth salivates. I picture a glass of milk, a fork and you on a dinner plate.

Your texture was so soft and your topping so sweet. The whip cream and strawberry help to make you a delicious treat.

You were the ideal dessert, perfect in every way. You were my daily fix and I crave you every day.

Every bite was so wonderful, I smiled just from the taste. I ate every bit of you, I let not a crumb go to waste.

Your taste is irreplaceable, a rare thing to discover. I became your biggest fan; I remain your biggest lover.

Will I ever taste you again? I truly do not know. It is my heart’s desire that it is so.

I will travel this world in search of you no matter how long it takes. I will sample every single cake that all the bakers bake.

It was love at first taste a delicious dream come true. Every time that I’m awake I can only think of you.

It might be obsession, but one that’s not bad. I had you in my possession, the best piece of cake I ever had.

There’s no dessert that is sweeter and no dessert is the same. You made me a picky eater on the day you came.

There’s nothing or no one who could change my point of view. My taste buds are forever changed from just the taste of you.

There’s no question, you’re the best piece of cake on earth by far. We’re a match made in heaven, my slice of heaven you are.

Poem by James Stewart Jr.

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