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Starting A Photography Website

A Photo For Tomorrow

It has been a journey starting a website from scratch without the help of a company, but you can do it! Wix has been a godsend!

First of all, let's get this straight. I was not paid by anyone to say any of these things. I can only speak from experience.

There are numerous companies that offer the ability to start your own site, I just found Wix to be the the most user friendly, as they already had a template built that I liked. I chose one the more basic black and white photography themes. Editing the website was easy enough. Just go through the steps and arrange the page as you like it and be sure to preview it, a lot and viola!, you have your site. You do receive a generic URL. I paid for a domain and unlimited account for about $40 through Wix to have my site URL become:

The hardest part for me was getting traffic to the website. I signed up for the Sitebooster app that is available for the site, but I had no way to tell if it was actually working. I did however receive numerous calls and emails telling me to register for some $300 dollar booster program. Uh, no! I googled, "how to self submit your website to search engines," and ALOT of blogs and sites appeared. Google was pretty simple but Yahoo/Bing required extra work. They wanted you to paste code into your site. Once again, I googled(my favorite search engine), "how to paste Bing code into Wix," and the Wix site actually explains all of this. After I completed all of the steps, I typed "A Photo For Tomorrow" into the search engine and nothing. When I typed it again into Bing and added "Jerrell Stewart" after it, I found my site.

With all sites, the amount of traffic you receive is based on the content of your site. If you do not have any content, do not expect to receive a lot of traffic. I started a Facebook page, A Photo For Tomorrow and link my person Facebook account, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter to this site. It's all about how everything links to your page and the content that is available on your page; this is how you can get listed in the search engines.

Start posting a lot of quality content and link it to another relevant page and you will have a successful site. That is part of the reason for this blog!

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